Melissa Zexter

Thinking of the photography unit coming up and I saw this. Melissa Zexter embroiders on photographs. Looks like most of the photos are black and white and then the colour is added through embroidery.

I’m thinking of photograms or pinhole photographs transferred to fabric and then potential addition of colour with ink or embroidery.

Viewed 20 Feb 2020

Maggie Dillon

For 20 year I’ve thought about using fabric as paint in an impressionist style. This is what Maggie Dillon does.

When I zoom in I can see that she is holding irregular shaped pieces down with zig zag and that the thread is part of the design from a distance. It’s impressive but I guess it’s not what I’m doing now. Although I’m a bit confused about what I am doing.

Viewed 1 Feb 2020

Andra Stanton

Looking at the jurors for saqa exhibitions is a good way to find successful art quilters.

Art Quilts

Viewed 30 Jan 2020

The above work is like a drawing. Certainly achievable for me. I also think I need to be less anal about raw edges as seen below.

She also makes 3D sculptural work which I’m a bit interested in given that I’m going to do sculpture too this year. Viewed 30 Jan 2020

I always like something to have a practical use too so I’m thinking of vessels. But I love the boxes above. A simple way of presenting what is essentially 2D work.

Norma Minkowitz Viewed Aug 22 2019

Just a place holder so I can fill this in later about this fibre artist who uses crochet as a base.

She really does mostly sculpture which incorporates crochet as a sort of framework. “Delicate but strong” I’ve been thinking this as I crochet a base for a new work. I think of it as soft armour like chain mail, and this is informing the course of this latest work.

I’ve been wanting to use knitting or crochet or weaving to make my own fabric for a textile work for a long time but seeing Norma’s work has finally got me going. I’m going to use free form crochet to add extra random patterning and create a tunic that is then embroidered and dyed to be presented as a flat tall work sort of like a banner. It can then be also put over the head and worn as a tunic viewed 22 Aug 2019

viewed 22Aug 2019

The top one was my inspiration but now I see she also does ornate embroidered wearable art. I’m think of something more rustic

The big de-clutter project

I’m really enjoying creating the quilt for the Island Quilts show.

I’m making bound blocks with text. I clear an area of my house and then use something on its way to the rubbish to print or create the imagery in some way on a piece of fabric. I then back and bind and embroider text explaining the area of the house this is sourced from.

It’s so good clearing the house eagerly so I can make a block.

And again I’m enjoying the piecemeal way of creating.

Snow from the Beach

Just catching up the blog a bit. This was a recent work for a stitching and beyond A3 challenge. Tasmanian Textures was the theme, but I challenged myself to use scraps from blue ukulele and extract all the colours from a combo of cyanotype and household stuff like washing powder and tea. Pretty pleased with the range.

Seeing snow from the beach was a goal I had as a young adult thinking about a place to live. Hobart fits that bill😀