Selecting (2.1)

Next stage of the journey is to select around six of my drawings to use as inspiration for further work.

Starting with this one because it received positive feedback from my tutor and because it has strong graphic visual qualities that make it stand out from the rest. I’m especially drawn to the chaotic net appearance of the red material that is overlaid. It brings to mind an alien environment made of a disordered web of material. This is probably tapping into my childhood dreams of exploration of new worlds and also my more recent exploration of the creation of serendipitous complex patterning.

  I think I will focus in on a small area of the collage to get away from the graphic kimono and make it more ambiguous. This part of the image shows an extra element which is the ground under the red net where it goes off the edge of the white pasteboard

This one also has strong lines and suggests depth and opening. The contour lines lead us into the page and it is reminiscent of a flower or female genitalia. Wish I didn’t have to say that out loud but I can’t really ignore it.

Flowing thick texture within the dense area of ink gives interest to what would otherwise be a flat block of black. The drips also reinforce the thickness of ink on the page. 

I think the serendipitous shades of black are the most interesting aspect of this drawing. 

I’m including this depiction of the ikat weaving as something different, that shows less graphic and more subtle qualities of light and dark and the coming together of small marks to create an image. 

I’m really pleased with this simple drawing because I think by just observing and following the lines that I saw I have created an image that really shows the drape and movement of the kimono. 

Finally I’m choosing this one because of it’s use of repetition of a simple motif to suggest a recognisable three dimensional object.

These is interest and variation within the repetition of the same motif

Just realised that I haven’t included any drawings from my flower drawings. 

I have chosen this one because once again I find myself drawn to chaos and disorder, and this plant certainly shows that characteristic.  Tangled line on a background of colour gives a sense of life and action to this drawing. 

Finally this drawing has the seeping random qualities that I love, with multiple shades and serendipitous line where the watercolour has met. It’s more the background in this drawing than the negative space drawing, that I am responding to. 
I might not use all eight but I will leave these choices now and see how I go with the next part of the project before I decide which ones to leave out.