This is Dan’s insult of choice when he is angry with me. I have never heard him swear. This is as bad as it gets and comes out when he is unwell.

Here I have chosen green because in primary school Dan got told off for drawing a cow in green when he thought he was drawing brown. I have tried to choose a vaguely unsettling colour and pattern for the background in keeping with using the word cow as an insult. Cow would usually reference peacefulness and I want to disrupt this. I wonder if a darker purple would be better. Once again I have used traditional patchwork for the background but I think a dynamic on point pattern references action and is a bit more unsettling. COW is written in capitals as it is said in anger and I wonder if I should add an exclamation mark ❗️ to better indicate the spirit in which it is meant. An exclamation mark could look like a bit of a fence post too I guess, in keeping with the text representing the animal. Not sure how accessible this would be in regard to illustrating another aspect of the motherhood experience. I think I might need to pull back and allow it to mean what it means to people but I would like to at least make work that looks like it means something.

Discussed with Nik today and he is happy to see this one go ahead. He is interested in further separating figure ground by using a monochrome for the background. Perhaps hand dyed fabric in darker purple and rearrange to grade the colour subtly. Maybe darker at the top to enhance foreboding. Excited to try this. Possibly even quilt with a paragraph around cow and it’s origins but largely not readable.

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