His head hit the wall

A quilt about a really guilt laden moment in my life related to Dan’s upbringing, when he was about four. Somewhere I had read about holding your child tightly to try and settle them when they were having a meltdown. This didn’t work and I lost it and picked up Dan roughly by the legs to take him up to the bedroom. As I went up the stairs his head hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs. It wasn’t life threatening but no doubt unpleasant and felt like abuse to me. It was one of those things that I couldn’t tell to anyone and yet persisted to eat away at me over the years. Now I think I will make a quilt that references that tangentially. I don’t want to display all the details but just enough to suggest something a bit unsavoury but in pleasant colours.

Pale blonde and white hot anger colours. Struggling with text for this as you can see.

pale blonde

and white hot


This is still in its infancy but I think I should be able to make something that references head with circles, and movement, possibly circular quilting, and colours pale yellow and pale orange. Not necessarily repetitive in this case but maybe more negative space and dynamic. Not happy with the above but will work on a design.

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