Semester one assessment

This is my feedback for semester one, written by Toby Juliff.

Pretty happy with this feedback. I know that my work is not perfect so I’m pleased that Toby can find away forward in this. He is always very encouraging and that makes me a bit cautious, but he has pointed out problems which I agree with, so we are pretty much on the same page.

Colour and negative space need work. I think I have been considering colour quite a lot but maybe more around colour blindness and less around the emotional qualities of colour and colour combinations. I need to think about this a bit more. I haven’t given much thought to negative space. I seem to have moved to the traditional all over pattern, but I wonder if I could combine traditional piecing with negative space to move the work slightly further away from craft. Is really what is explored in modern quilting and may work well for some works. Possibly I’ll think about it for hog tie.

I agree relief is wrong as a keyword. As with healing, it’s too strong a word and I agree with Toby that it does suggest a more complete experience than the one I am offering. Another word I considered was ease, as I’m really only wanting to suggest something transient and small. I definitely want to explore the feeling of recognition and bond that I feel when I see someone coping with a similar situation. That feeling that there is a fellowship with other mothers who haven’t had goddess experiences of motherhood.

Putting some structure to my plan:

Research – Mary Kelly, Rosemarie Trockel, Susan Hiller, Jo Spence

Write up the saqa quilt artist Lyric Kinard and explore more saqa artists.

Look at developing a quilt that includes negative space. Maybe hog tie could be that one. I could develop it as one big block. Perhaps deconstructed on a background with some restful areas. It would reference an Amish quilt, square in a square, but maybe offset the positive and negative space in the block and then place it all on a background. So first step here is to plan that in watercolour.

Thirdly I need to take some of the planned quilts through to completion before late July when I have my critique again. I feel enthusiastic to get going again.

Discussion with Nik around feedback. Important help from Toby too. Tell my story. Please myself. Tell how I’m not alone rather than focussing too much on the viewer. Just take the viewer on the journey and the rest may or may not follow. So less of a focus on what can be helped in the viewer and more on the telling of my story that works for me.

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