Hog Tie

Developed this block to reference a time when Dan was in trouble with the police due to delusions. I later found out that he had described being hog tied to his psychiatrist. I can only imagine what that would have meant to him. The colours here reference the police, and flesh. The use of commercial fabric is just to keep the continuity with traditional quilts going. The idea to design my own block keeps the link with traditional quilts but allows me to generate personal meaning in a block.

This is what it would look like all together. I was reasonably happy with this but attempts to generate flesh coloured fabric were less successful than I would have liked. I have got a smooth blue fabric but I wanted a softer rustic calico for the flesh and it has turned out too orange. That’s not to say I couldn’t do it in a further attempt. I need pastel yellow and pastel pink to make a flesh tone and The colours I got were a bit bright. If I try again I need to be really restrained with the amount of dye and perhaps build it up over multiple attempts. I’m here thinking of colours as realistic I guess. I need to consider symbolic colours too.

Toby mentioned the use of negative space and made me wonder about something more like this which uses traditional quilt piecing but in the style of the modern quilt with the use of negative space. I have added red as a background to reference pain but I wonder if I should consider juxtaposing flesh with a cold concrete grey. I was thinking of tattooing the flesh with the words but something about the floral style which I associate with tattoo also gives me a medieval feel which is not relevant. Maybe it the letters are not floral but a more infantile print that would suggest vulnerability better and be less medieval. I’ve also changed the police checkboard to have the blue presented against the flesh colour. This is really meant to be about Dan’s vulnerability in police custody and bringing the vulnerability of flesh up against police blue. The “tattoo” is attempting to suggest the enduring nature of that experience. I don’t know if it has left Dan but I know it will never leave me.

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