One child is one too many

Knauer, T 2017, One child is one too many, quilt, 38 in x 38 in

Knauer T 2019, Why We Quilt: Contemporary Makers Speak Out, Storey Publishing, North Adams, MA, USA, p x

This artwork is a small, pastel coloured quilt, featuring a traditional Sunbonnet Sue block and constructed using traditional quilt techniques of piecing, applique, layering, quilting and binding. Whilst largely conforming to the attractive aesthetics of a traditional quilt, the thing that sets this quilt apart is the tweaks that have been included, to turn this into a meaningful work of art with a political message. This had been achieved by the insertion of a white place holder for a gun in the hands of the child, and the title which alludes to childhood deaths from gun violence. This quilt (and the rest of the book) is the thing that lured me back to more traditional quiltmaking as my primary art form. When I saw what could be done in a quilt such as this, I knew that I did not have to forgo my preferred aesthetics and medium in order to call my work art. Many of the early quilt works making a foray into art, contain either a political or feminist message. My works will not be following this path, but instead be inspired by the fact that quilts such as this one can contain meaningful content beyond the simply decorative.

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