Matthew Willes

<; viewed 6 June 2021

This is an urban artwork created by Matthew Willes who is an Honours student from 2019 at UTAS. I am including this image to show an example of his work but I am actually using his Honours exegesis as a reference in my annotated bibliography. I can’t find any good photos from his Honours work but he did use the shopping trolley motif extensively in this work.

Willes, M 2019 ‘Affect, Abattoirs and Abandoned Trolleys: processing traumatic knowledge through painting’, BFA (Hons) Painting thesis, University of Tasmania

This is an interesting work that combines a personal narrative around a witnessing visit to an abattoir, with the story of working through a process driven way of representing the felt trauma of this witnessing. The author is attempting to find a means of creating artworks that depict this “sense memory” without causing further distress to himself or the viewer. I found the parallel narratives very enjoyable to read, with the personal content adding to the intimacy and emotion I experienced when viewing the artworks. The artist describes his process as being sensitive to the content of the memory, in that he eschews implements that speak of violence, but later embraces the felt memory with a more agitated style of painting. I, too, am attempting to create work representing traumatic felt memories in a sensitive manner, not only avoiding any further trauma, but by going further, in offering some relief to both myself and the viewer.

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