Failed motherhood

I just realised that my keywords only address what I’m trying to do with medium and the viewer but not the actual content which is motherhood failure. OMG that’s pathetic. What I’m trying to do is make work about living with perceived motherhood failure and why I’m doing it is both for personal healing to satisfy my need to confess, and to reach out and give some relief to other mothers out there who feel like similar failures by showing them that they are not alone. And why now – because personally I have reached a point where I have to find ways to live with the issues, and as far as the greater community goes, mental health issues seem to be on the rise, aggravated by disconnection in relation to covid. Mothers are increasingly excluded from their adult child’s mental illness by changes in the mental health act and the shielding of personal autonomy even when it’s based in delusion. They are largely left out of the loop and have to deal with their own sadness and feelings of guilt and shame around the situation alone.

So I need a new keyword, failure, motherhood, guilt or shame I’m thinking. Maybe I should include two of them?

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