Ishihara chart

Thinking my next plan is for a colour blindness test chart quilt. That way I can include busy floral fabrics in very similar colours to write my words. Hopefully it will mean that my words fade into the quilt and are readable but not obvious. Better still not readable by Dan as I quote him with the words ‘drill into your skull and eat your brains with a fork’ or possibly just the ‘eat your brains with a fork‘.

Think it will be a paler quilt with lots of cream elements and muted red and green. I’ll try and really actually make it very hard for Dan to read like a proper Ishihara chart. I can use appliqued circles very small mostly on a hand dyed flannel background with swirls of muted pastel and cream. That way the words can be constructed in the same way that they are in an Ishihara chart. Excited to try. Maybe bleach back florals or hand dye my own but the floral element is a good unsettling one to go with the words.

Here is a watercolour sample giving an idea of what it may look like as a quilt.

The colours and pattern are working to disguise the traumatic content so that it still has the appearance of a comfortable attractive quilt. I’m hoping to combine the warmth, comfort and pleasure associated with beauty with an underlying message that will be understood by those who have experienced the situation of a child with mental illness. So overall you have an attractive quilt that can still send a message to those out there receptive to it, that they are not alone in having a less than ideal experience of motherhood.

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