I’m thinking this might be one of my keywords. Not sure how to present the references for keywords and whether or not you need references for this. Looking back at the examples there is reference to dictionary definitions or other discussions but not lots of references.

Accessible – adjective

The Oxford English Dictionary defines accessible as capable of being entered or approached; easy of access; readily reached or got hold of. Keywords for today also discusses the implied privileges that come with access granted (MacCabe and Yanacek eds 2018, p 4) and the idea that they may or may not be realised. My use of the term accessible in regard to my work refers, in one sense, to the use of everyday craft techniques and materials in its production, in contradistinction to the specialised and unfamiliar materials that may be used in other artworks. Accessible can also be applied to my intention not to disguise meaning but to bring meaning to the fore with the addition of text. In broader terms accessible can be related to the relative inaccessibility of the art world to the greater population. My work is intended to bridge that gap and open up a portal into art that is more readily understandable, less fragile and precious, but nonetheless realises its potential in terms of evoking a meaningful art experience.

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