Good mother

Another quilt idea that stems partially from the combination of appliqué and piecing in the quilts of Agusta Agusson.

The idea is an olive green circle, some with letters using solarfast, appliqué on to a red brown background square and pieced together.

The colours come from mixing red and green in different proportions. A reference to Dan’s colour blindness and the number of circles is the number of weeks before we knew definitely he wasn’t ok and he stopped looking at us with love. Probably not as clear cut as it sounds but that was definitely when things started to go pear shaped.

The letters wouldn’t be as white as that because I will overexpose with a mask on to calico so they are more beige. If they are too contrasty I can paint them in with tea or solarfast.

I plan to overdye red commercial fabric with a touch of green for the squares and green commercial fabric with a touch of red for the non solarfast circles.

It looks a bit like those word searching things in the paper so I will probably make the circles proportionally larger in the squares.

I have to say that the smaller circles and bigger quilt looks better. I would be happy to put in the effort to do a small circle block for every day of Dan’s first two and a half years which would be even a bit bigger than the above. I’m not sure what to do about the writing though. If the blocks were only two inch blocks could I solarfast the writing on in brown with green writing in the squares without a circle, or do the writing in a circle pattern like the above but not bother appliqueing it because it would be a bit small to do that. The other thing I could do is just replace the blocks with strips of writing. Might try mocking that up. Or some other alternative – possibly written along above the half circles – too crowded I think. I have to say I like the version without visible text better.

This is a mockup in actual size. The lower circles are meant to be semicircles. The blocks are 2 inch blocks and the plan is to use 880 circle blocks and then 6 text blocks and another more than 200 semicircle blocks. This will make a large landscape quilt roughly 76 in wide and 58 in high. So what is above is a small segment that contains the text. I’m hoping that keeping the text contained to a small area will let it merge into the quilt and be less dominant whilst still readable.

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