Agusta Agustsson

I saw a more recent quilt by this artist on the SAQA page of facebook, which made me think I might be interested in her work. Viewed 27 May 2021

This is a medium size, portrait orientation quilt with black and white areas and coloured areas. It consists of circular areas and natural leaf motifs. The fabric used appears to have been printed, possibly using actual foliage as a resist. The work is divided vertically at one third from the left and a blue semicircle extends from this. Three circular motifs in the right of the work are in orange and there is some patches of green and yellow in the top left. The motifs appear to have been collaged on a pieced background. The surface is heavily textured due to quilting and the stitching holding the collaged motifs down. Now raw edges are visible and the work looks neatly finished because of this.

Leaf prints and circles speak of the natural world in both close up view and seen from a distance. Taking the colour out of the leaf prints suggests a damage or destruction, and given the statement, is likely to represent burning. The blue semicircle is also suggested by the statement to be the world. The rich tactile surface and pattern soften the coldness of the black and white areas. The combination of piecing and machine applique without raw edge is something I could consider taking into my work, as it allows for more free placement of motifs whilst at the same time keeping unsettling raw edges covered.

This artist does work commenting on damage done to the earth by humans. She has a background in painting and lays out her handprinted fabric to use for collage. She does gel pad printing which means she must be using an acrylic type paint which I don’t like to use. I hope to have my work remain biodegradable. I would like to to introduce some hand dyed fabric with organic patterning so I can use some of my own fabric and some commercially printed fabric.

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