My Pandemic Quilt (not me – Christina Palassio)

I seem to have embedded the whole link to this article here but that’s ok. I’m referencing below from where I found this article through a utas library search but including the above for interest here and because there were no photos included in the library article.

References PALASSIO, C 2021, ‘My pandemic quilt’, Chatelaine, vol. 94, no. 1, pp. 66–68, viewed 23 May 2021, < url= End of citation–>

This short article describes the author’s history with quilts, from the comfort she found in playing with quilts as a child, through to learning to quilt and subsequently marking important human events with the making of quilts. She describes the connection she felt with her ancestral quilt makers, and the ongoing connection with current family, that the making of quilts brings to her life. Finally she describes the soothing, and even healing, that the slow construction of a quilt during the early months of the 2020 pandemic, was able to achieve. The author reinforces my feelings about quilts and her ideas of comfort, connection and even healing, being found within quilts, are features I would like to highlight within my work.

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