Martin Rak Photography

Martin Rak Photography (Facebook). Viewed 23 May 2021

I’m not sure how to reference this. The link I used was the above and it linked to a Facebook page of that name but it doesn’t seem to have copied as a link. Maybe I can find the URL on the computer.

This is a photograph showing a tiny white building in a field of green. The image is largely shades of green with trees surrounding the house and appearance of wavy lines behind the building. At first glance the dynamic background suggested a surreal green storm but on closer inspection I can see these wavy lines are likely crop lines in a field. The monochrome green of this photo really enhances the rich textural look of the surface, and the simplicity of the photo leaves plenty of room for enjoying the formal element of colour. An image like this reminds me of how important colour is to me and how evocative textured colour can be. I seem to have moved away from this in my work and I want to return.

Saturated colour should be a non negotiable in my work I think. I looked at my Dads big family tree quilt I made for him 16 years ago and realised what a good job I had done. I want to bring that level of workmanship to my current work

Possibly I can overdye commercially printed fabric to unify colour as well as dyeing my own fabric

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