Feeling a bit hopeless

I had fun drawing and then painting this quilt mockup. Thinking about using traditional quilt piecing to make a quilt with text and ditching the photography altogether. Seems late to do that and I’m not really looking at any artists to prompt that but I will try to do that. Photography is just not giving me the intense colour of quilts that I find aesthetically pleasing. Also I’m hard pressed to make that a comforting looking quilt. I’m thinking about colour and pattern as potentially symbolising something. Red could be both pain and warmth. Text could outline the emotion or situation with a more abstract representation through the quilt. Looking at the previous Tyrus Clutter quilt which effectively is the technique I was planning points out again to me that I don’t really like solarfast photographs on fabric. The thing I loved about quilts was the colour and Solarfast on fabric is the opposite of this. I could use solarfast to get the text on, or I could simply use another quilt making technique – the quilting :). It would be possible for the whole quilting to be text but maybe only readable in some areas. Basically I could write

2012: I felt scared that I would NEVER be HAPPY AGAIN.

This could be over the whole quilt in cursive but occasionally in bigger outline so that the block letters popped out a bit more.

I think this works. It wouldn’t be as obvious as this but parts would be readable.

Mock up in photoshop of the overlay. Definitely could work. At least I think this way of planning is giving me a better idea of how things could look. Maybe I should write about this as though it’s a finished work –

This work is a large quilt in commercial and hand dyed fabric. It is constructed in 121 discrete blocks that are then patched together. There is a transition of cool green blue blocks to warm red that seems to move from left to right and down the quilt. The lines within the work are sharp with the blocks interacting to form a diamond central to the pattern. The quilting of the layers together forms the work into the structure of a quilt. This quilting is in the form of largely cursive text with one repeating phrase, but some words are highlighted by the use of capitals. The words are readable but not dominant and they also serve to create a soft texture over the whole surface.

My hope is that the flow of the quilt from top to bottom and ideally also left to right indicates the passage of time. The changing balance of colour in the blocks is intended to suggest a changing balance in life where the red spot of pain gradually becomes all consuming. I’ve chosen red because I would like to also retain the ambiguity whereby red can indicate pain but also warmth. It allows me to retain a saturation that can give pleasure and comfort whilst at the same time standing in for discomfort as well. I feel like the text is necessary to make my intent or emotion clear enough to resonate more directly with the viewer. I want to utilise the aesthetics of text, the practical functionality of it as quilting and the ability of text to give the viewer further access to my intended meaning.

Example strip with eight inch blocks. Plan would be square made up of 64 eight inch blocks.

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