Tyrus Clutter

http://www.tyrusclutter.com/images/miscellaneous/ReconciliationQuilt.html viewed 20 May 2021

Tyrus Clutter 2020 Reconciliation, Solarfast dye on fabric

I found a youtube video of Tyrus Clutter using solarfast dye to transfer an image on to fabric that he then made into a quilt.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wS0BGFY9A4 Viewed 20 May 2021

In this video the author shows the whole process of making a quilt similar to the one above. He constructs an image using text and drawing in photoshop which he then transfers in segments to many transparencies and exposes SolarFast coated fabric to UV light through these transparencies. He then constructs the many segments back into a whole quilt.

The subject matter and text does not interest me but this technique is similar to my intended work and shows that within the low contrast imagery of SolarFast an ethereal image can show clearly enough when enlarged and kept simple. The text is also readable when viewed closely but not intrusive from a distance.

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