Luanne Rimel Viewed 9 May 2021

Luanne Rimel creates work incorporating digital photos inkjet printed on fabric.

Knock up Annotated bibliography:

This is a small fabric work in the form of a quilt. The image printed on the fabric is unclear but I know it to be a photograph. The image is divided unevenly into segments and the individual imagery is then densely stitched over in a stitch pattern that completely covers the surface but follows the line and colour of the underlying photograph. The regular texture and points of colour gives the impression an imperfect screen print. Muted colour in  matte blue and green colours a gentle off white background. Various shapes are further outlined in embroidery. There is a sense of objects in the foreground and a possibly natural background. The artist appears to have taken a photograph and enhanced the content with dense stitch and outline stitching, to highlight the forms in the photograph. To my mind it has not made the original photographic content clearer but has enhanced various areas of the image to a more aesthetic end. The lush texture of the stitched surface adds complexity to the image. I have included this image as it overcomes some of the technical problems I have been facing, rather than relating to my work in content or mood. There is an acceptance of the limitations of a photograph on fabric and instead embracing formal qualities of colour and texture available through the medium of fabric and thread.

One thought on “Luanne Rimel”

  1. Very interesting artist. I enjoyed looking at her other work using the link you provided. Would love to see these works in the flesh. Will certainly be doing some further research into her work. Thanks for posting.


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