HIP quilt

Not sure what to call this or write about it.

Sadly when I thought about the theme ‘Our Place-Connection with the community’ I realised that I have very little in the way of community connections. Prior to retirement I interacted with the general community through work, but since retirement my main interactions have been retail. I am a member of a few groups but tend to be very inactive. So my quilt is intended to reflect my current role as consumer.

The Shopper

Anticipation on the drive to the shops. Browsing amongst objects I could survive without. Sixteen numbers facilitate a purchase. Conversation as we wait for those numbers to fly into the ether. Home to try and find a spot. Connecting through consumption.

Not sure I really like this much. Might just title it and not bother too much with a statement. I’ll see.

Didn’t really think through the formal elements and choice of design with this quilt. Just knocked it out. Theme didn’t inspire me.

The Shopper

Sixteen numbers that both link and bind. Cutting through differences to reach across oceans and into homes.

This really sounds like crap. Maybe I’ll try a haiku.

The Shopper

Sixteen numbers

Cutting through differences

Reaching into homes

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