Chung-Im Kim

Adding some extra context to the proposal. Toby mentioned adding in textile forms more generally. I assume he meant not just quilts.

This work is sort of quilt-like but ticks a number of boxes visually but also thematically.

arrhythmia 2014, 206 cm x 168 cm x 10 cm by Chung-Im Kim


Zilber E 2015, crafted: objects in flux, MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, pp 78-81

Chung-Im Kim has created this textile object using printed felt. It appears in book called crafted: objects in flux by Emily Zilber (2015). This book highlights artists who work at the boundary of art and craft and use both traditional and cutting edge craft techniques to create their work. In this case Kim has manipulated imagery from her own echocardiograph and then printed this on felt and irregularly assembled the prints into a whole that reflects the disorganisation of an irregular heart rhythm. This use of personal imagery of a detail of the artist’s life elicits the type of connection with the viewer to which I aspire.

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