Planning to enter Distance and Diversity – The SAQA regional exhibition.

Size is 60 cm width x 40 cm.

Thinking about doing 8 cm square blocks with sashing. 6 x 4 landscape.

Will try and illustrate the creation of diversity over time as in evolution.

This is a grayscale scan of my cyantype nautilus shell photogram.

Using this I will try and evolve the image through repetition and other interventions until I have different images.

Will make four evolutionary paths, first column of four will all be the same image, with cyanotype alone and all the cotton sateen fabric. Then I will scan the resultant images and reprint each making an intervention and so on.

This is the first transparency image which will be used for all of the first column of four. Have edited the levels to range from 90-180 leaving the centre at 1.0.

Will be consistent and edited the repeated scans in the same way.

This is the original cyanotype on fabric. I wish I could include this but space doesn’t allow.

The idea is that column one will all be the same and then I’ll gradually introduce interventions in the way mutations occur over time and with repetition. The thing is really that I am documenting corruptions and will likely end up with a lesser final image, as opposed to what I am trying to show which is diversity in a positive light. I really don’t know what will happen so I guess that is part of the fun.


1. Artefact in the repeated scanning and the printing process. This will be equal across the whole work.

2. Type of fabric used. – Cotton sateen, tussah silk, silk wool, raw silk, homespun. Four of these. Probably leave out tussah silk.

3. Colour – think I will add colour in the form of yellow, red, blue but I’ll probably leave the cyanotype too?

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