Working hard without much journaling.

Have been working very hard on printing and toning my final works so that they could be then photographed for submission.

I have decided to use cyanotype exclusively and tone with tea and wine to get colour. I was really surprised at the range that resulted and excited to refine this.

I have made 12 diptychs and arranged them in a three by four grid.

The idea is that each image through the window is then matched with an object from inside. The pair are then toned equally with the same tea or wine. Have rushed this a bit at the end and would have liked to have the time to make this into a physical quilt which I will ultimately do.

Need to get my statement done:

Quick analysis:

Form and composition – more distant outside view pinholes are paired with a close photogram of an inside object. A lot of objects are to some extent related to lockdown which is what I was intending. The views are all from my windows.

Line – I have tried to link the line in the view photo with line in the object but that was a bit difficult.

Colour – muted organic pink/green/brown/blue. Slightly faded appearance hopefully suggesting the faded nature of life experiences at present.

Texture – rough fabric texture, resonating with degradation ?

scale – contrast between full window view and close observation of object.

medium – cyanotype – detailed photo on fabric which also has the potential to be presented in various colours. Able to be toned with everyday materials – bleach with washing powder, tone with tea or wine. Processed in water and vinegar.

Going to try and write statement now.

Tea and Sanitiser

Outside the cherry tree moves in the breeze. Inside a clump of threads stick to my shoe. A wallaby nibbles under the silver birch, a dead fly on the windowsill. Sun streams in the courtyard and flares off the wine glass. Through the front door the cars await. I’ve given up on the sprout jar. The water lies beyond the heat pump. A wasp is stuck in the screen. Our neighbour works in his shed. All the strawberries are finished. A new house is just visible in the distance. Used the carafe for the first time ever. Popcorn.

For this work I combined pinhole photos taken through the windows of the house with photograms of objects that I found around the house, and that had some relevance to time spent at home during lockdown. The window views look into the distance and contrast with the personal view of the objects. I printed both the photograms and pinhole photos on to fabric using cyanotype chemicals. Pinhole photos are high contrast and when combined with cyanotype give a stark desolate image. Toning with household materials, washing powder, tea, wine, has muted the harsh blue but kept the lonely mood and added a faded component to speak of the passage of time. The slightly rough texture of the fabric is visible and reinforces the domestic nature of the imagery.

I have been inspired by the quirky pinhole photography of Eric Renner and the work of Mike Ware in pushing the boundaries of cyanotype.

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