Project Two finished

Step right up

Detail showing the quilting. I have basically ditched the ECG quilting in the centre. Although it is there it is obscured enough to be unrecognisable.

Radial quilting originally referencing the eye has also been repurposed as radial quilting to enhance the dynamic movement of the ring as in a wheel. Ring in further bordered by arrow quilting to the same end. Background quilting is organic wavy to separate this from the foreground wheel.


Step Right Up

Everyday objects are laid out on cloth for enjoyment of their silhouettes and detail. Spin the wheel and choose which colourful element to explore. A personal history awaits. A hairclip bought in Melbourne, the perplexing gift of a carafe, a shell washed up on a North East Coast beach. In lieu of travel in the wider world, excitement and discovery awaits on a domestic scale. Light reveals unseen detail and colourful shapes, bending around wine or blocked by a spoon. Distortion disguises the perfume bottle and multiple shadows confuse the teapot. Look inside the pincushion or deconstruct the light bulb. Find the ghost in the vodka bottle whilst avoiding the teeth of the scissors. Follow the path of the stones and see deep into the crystal. Feel the ripples of the shell and the soft curve of the glass. Step right up.

The home has become haven, prison and playground this year. For this work I have taken everyday objects from around my home and used cyanotype and solarfast light sensitive dye to create photograms of these objects. It is a somewhat serendipitous process, with the chemical vagaries and the path of the light contributing to an unpredictable result. The objects have then been arranged in a circle referencing a tablecloth, a spinning prize wheel or even a circus tent. The bright colours give the work a playful mood, and on closer examination the objects reveal surprising detail to explore. Movement is suggested by diagonal lines and dynamic colour contrasts. Radial quilting lines reference a wheel and are even more bluntly sewn in an arrow configuration around the outside. The background is pushed back with organic quilting to separate it from the circle. An alternate view of the life-sized objects is presented as terrain open to exploration in this restricted time. Fabric is used for its tactile and inviting properties in a lively quilt.

For this work I have been inspired by the colourful organic quilts of Betty Busby and the photograms of Adam Fuss.

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