Quilting project two

Given that looking like an eye seemed to be the consensus at my feedback I’ve decided to embrace it with the quilting pattern. Here I have used the ECG pattern in the middle and echoed that. Made quite an interesting pattern but looks a bit floral.

Then I quilted the images with a vertical radiating pattern. Here I was thinking about an eye iris and the way it has radial ridges . I used dark thread from the middle and then green thread from the outside because I have green eyes 🙂

Beyond this I have also started a random stipple and around the outside in red/brown on the top and green underneath.

My original statement is not going to work here.

Try to make an objective analysis about what it looks like:

Form – overall – circular arrangement of imagery of objects from around the house ( I have shifted them to objects that are not disposable – they may not be valuable but they are things I have chosen to keep because of function or sentiment. ) Centre is plain overdyed commercial fabric with a close pattern. Outside is dyed commercial fabric patchy red and green.

When I look at this form I see an aerial view of a table with objects. The centre comes forward rather than receding like a pupil. Maybe others might still see an eye because I didn’t see it before either. Definitely looks like a laying out of objects to me. Probably this effect is increased by the presence of the cutlery.

Photographic type imagery, ethereal, detailed.

Or Wheel of Fortune – also has that appearance. Or circus.

Line – Radiating lines from the centre. Circular lines in the centre. Irregular wiggly quilting lines around the outside. Has the effect of separating into three segments – the ring, the centre and the background. Also suggests movement in a spiral, as though the objects could spin.

Colour – Bright, rich, high colour contrast, high contrast imagery. Not ominous or prison like, not confined or sad. Not really containing either.

Texture – ripples around the centre, floral pattern in the middle, can’t see that it is an ecg line, irregular texture in the background. but basically flattened by the all over quilting.

Scale – Roughly 1200 mm square. Objects are life size. Again fits with the table top.

Medium – fabric, soft, washable, tablecloth.

Problem is that I’m happy with this work but I’m not sure what it says. Not my usual miserable themes. It was planned to be miserable but it just doesn’t look it. The jewel tones of the colours are pleasurable to look at. The detail of the imagery is interesting and personal but not sad. Yvette did mention perhaps consciously going against the miserable.

Personal everyday objects sourced from around the home laid as if on a table. In the photographic type silhouettes previously unseen detail is present. The objects have history – the hair clip bought in Melbourne, shell from a far north east beach long ago, carafe that was a perplexing gift. Objects selected from around the house for their imagined silhouettes and then the thrill of allowing light to reveal the previously unseen detail in their shadows. Personal and familiar. Finding a way for a restricted environment to still be a journey of discovery.

Going off at a tangent now that is not saying much about how I feel about an environment, which was the brief. Guess the environment has to be home here.

I wanted to say that home was both a sanctuary and a prison currently but this work is not saying that. What is it saying? – Hey look at how pretty the random objects can be. Weird question mark font ?????

Looking inward to the home rather that outward.

Maybe still would work for home as sanctuary in this current time.

Study objects with your eyes. Alternate view, unseen detail. Looking inward for beauty, finding pleasure in the detail. Contraction of the local environment, expansion of time. Exploring closer to home.

Celebration of beauty in the everyday. Excitement at the potential of the most mundane of objects. Exploring what has become the most important of environments – home. Seeing with fresh eyes. A trip around the kitchen bench. An exploration of objects that will fit into a 5 x 12 inch wedge.

Maybe something a bit lighthearted like a circus, spinning wheel, Not sure how to comment on texture or line with this. Maybe not all formal elements need to be accounted for directly. What about the choice of fabric. Referencing a table cloth in some way? Playful. Describing the home as playground in this time.

Step right up

Everyday objects are laid out on cloth for enjoyment of their silhouettes and detail. Spin the wheel and choose which colourful element to explore. A personal history awaits. A hairclip bought in Melbourne, the perplexing gift of a carafe, a shell washed up on a north east coast beach. In lieu of travel in the wider world, excitement and discovery awaits on a domestic scale. Light reveals unseen detail and colourful shapes, bending around wine or blocked by a spoon. Distortion disguises the perfume bottle and multiple shadows confuse the teapot. Look inside the pincushion or deconstruct the light bulb. Find the ghost in the vodka bottle whilst avoiding the teeth of the scissors. Follow the path of the stones and see deep into the crystal. Feel the ripples of the shell and the soft curve of the glass.

Step right up

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