Painting statements

On and on I go – This title has a tune because I’m thinking of The girl with April in her eyes – a song from years ago by Chris De Burgh. In his song it’s ‘on and on she goes’.

Don’t like the ‘I’ in it though. Could just be On and On


On and On

Twenty eight years of care, concern and anxiety have unveiled a previously unrecognised resilience. Repetitive life size silhouettes of the face are stained and cobbled together but the ongoing set of the jaw is visible, clenched both in worry and concentration. Reds, browns and purples bruise the repetitive blocks in various degrees. Looking back whilst time relentlessly moves forward and the metallic grey grid of resilience holds all together, and drags everything on into the future. The soft medium of a quilt reflects care and comfort but also retains a strength and ability to face most onslaughts, in a way not seen in many other mediums. Wash, repair, hug and keep going.

Feedback was that this one perhaps needed something more. Suggestion was that the ECG quilting would suit this one. It could go on the top of each image but that would not work well for the blank “core”. I might try out my original plan of placing a grid within the core and then maybe quilting the sashings down the middle in a larger grid.

I have gone back into this one and restitched over the core with a grid. I think this is ok but now it seems to me that there is some lack of continuity of density of quilting with the rest and makes it look unfinished.

You can see how all the wrinkles in the fabric show up now in comparison to what happens in the core with its dense quilting. I haven’t ironed it which I could do but it’s an inherent problem with a quilt that I need to address. I have used backstitch as the quilting stitch. No doubt abhorent to a traditional quilter but I like the continuity of line I can get with that. I don’t necessarily want it to read as stitches but just marks.

Now I’m wondering if I should stiffen the whole quilt by stitching over the lot in a grid that was a bit softer that the existing one but similar layout. I could smooth all the wrinkles that way but it would have a raised texture between the grid. It may look like I’m in jail rather than held together by resilience but it would look like a nice resilient quilt. By the way I learnt that I can use polygonal lasso tool to cut out a shape like this in photoshop. Then you select the object and use layer via cut to cut it out. I have to do something because looking at this quilt I can see that I don’t like the wrinkly fabric. Whilst ECG concept would also work for quilting here I don’t think it would have the same effect at smoothing the image that a grid would. Also I like the thickness of the silk thread I’ve used for the core but it should have been paler grey. Unfortunately it’s turned out nearly black but I think for continuity I should use the same colour. Might try and do a three stitch grid but one stitch regularly over the sashing. It’s a big job but I will see how it looks. I can work on blocks individually even though they will ultimately all be joined. That way I can see what it looks like. Wish I could try now and not have to work on bloody sculpture.

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