Further experiments

Wondering if pinhole would give a bigger depth of field so I took a couple of pinholes through wine glasses. Did give some interesting images but didn’t translate very well into transparencies.

I’m not unhappy with this image but it has lost the detail of the photo. Not helped by inverting the colours from intended. I’m going to end up with a whole lot of 12 inch blocks and I may end up just combining what I consider the best ones.

I then went on and did a cyanotype of a wineglass pic, not a pinhole. I notice that I sort of get the pinhole soft focus effect anyway even without the pinhole so maybe the pinhole is a bit redundant. It doesn’t give a full range of sharpness like I was hoping but more a full range of subtle blur. 🙂

The cyanotype however is much better than the solarfast for actually seeing what is going on in the images.

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