Sandra Sider

Finally I am inching closer to finding artists that are doing similar work to me.

Sandra Sider uses cyanotype to print fabric and then use this fabric to make quilts. She is involved with SAQA and also works as a curator for the Texas Quilt Museum. She is editor of a SAQA book – Art Quilts Unfolding – which I had meant to buy a couple of years ago and have now bought.

Viewed 5 October 2020

If you look carefully at this work you can see that it is comprised of cyanotype printed on coloured fabrics and combined with commercially printed fabric and finally stitched with large visible stitches. Sounds like she must also make a transparency from a digital photo. So all very similar to some of the work I have been doing.

She also has a book called exploring your artistic voice in contemporary quilt art and I’ve bought that too.

2 thoughts on “Sandra Sider”

  1. Actually don’t have the second book, I’ve ordered it too. Maybe I should get back to my original intentions for art school and start exploring textiles more fully. I have a love of paper these days but not a lot of use for the finished product. After I discovered felt that was going to be my main artistic medium… could be worth another shot.


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