Photography tossing up

I’m not sure where to go now with photography. I liked the idea of combining the two images and then only printed once. So the view through the bottom of a wine glass would be just that in one image rather than constructed from a photo of a window view and a photogram of a wine glass.

So I have tried that and am slightly disappointed with the result. Not that it doesn’t look interesting but just that technically it’s a bit messy and hard to see what the imagery is. Not sure if that matters or not. Also only one colour is a bit dull.

The pale blue areas obscure the image a bit and I think are a result of dye pooling under the transparency.

So nine of these gridded together in a window frame like quilt could be quite interesting but I’m not sure. Think I’ll do three and put them up in comparison with the other style in diptych and see what the response is. I have all the transparencies so they aren’t wasted. The other though was that I could put some of this imagery up digitally. Even though I would make the quilt I could be assessed on the digital imagery as it will be a digital submission. So I don’t have to actually make the quilt. But if I don’t do that I feel a bit like I’m not being true to my ultimate desire.

Another thing I’ve done this week is a fixed some lumen prints. This is an example of pre and post fixing with editing to increase contrast. Also these are only photographs and not scans, which is much easier and for my purposes is enough detail. No point in having too much fine detail in translation to fabric because the process loses it anyway.

Left is pre fixing. Right is fixed. I have brought up the contrast and perhaps the saturation a bit but these are essentially the type of colours before and after fixing. I think contrast is improved if anything post fixing but Carolyn did not have that result with her paper.

This paper was in date fiber paper.

Might do a print of one of these next after I swap it in to black and white. This is a sanitiser bottle.

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