Troy Colby Viewed 18 September 2018

This photo just came up in my lenscratch email and I find it quite an arresting photo. Thought I’d just do a quick analysis of why.

Colour – black and white suggests memory to me and also highlights the forms, tones and contrast without being influenced by colour.

Blurred – an air of mystery and ambuigity. Need to look hard to see what you are looking at.

Layered appearance – again helps with the ambuigity but also adds some depth. Originally thought it might be through glass but now I’m thinking a mirror.

Watery/Steam appearance – suggests a bathroom, an intimate space so adds to the intense personal feel of the photo.

Line – horizontal through the middle which highlights the boy and is also reflected in the line of steam. It suggests that the boy has wiped this at his height.

An annoying slight discomfort from the contrast of a naked child and clothed adult. Unfortunately this is probably more a sign of the times and I think this takes away from the family intimacy of the photo, where we are told this is a father and his son. Can’t avoid it now which I think is a shame.

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