Project two planning

Rather than self portrait, this project looks outward and is about place and your feelings or connections related to this.

My initial plan is around home. Fits with lots of my work that includes mundane objects.

Initial take was just to design a landscape of objects- interior landscape.

Whilst this looks quite interesting I think that they are a bit boring arranged like this.

I then thought that maybe I will explore arrangements that suggest contriction by the mundane objects in this time when so much of the outside world is shut off from us.

I printed this and took it in to discuss with Yvette. I think a circle works as both a barrier constricting movement but also a protective symbol like a hug.

My plan would be to have the objects forming an intact ring by cutting them as wedges. Maybe 12 wedges which would mean a 30 degree angle with a blunt bottom. We discussed what should go in the centre. I just picked this piece of fabric because it had quite a contained centre but Yvette points out that what will be in there will garner attention and need to be meaningful. I guess the circle is me, both contained and protected by the everyday objects of the home.

Yvette also pointed out the objects I have chosen also contain liquid and that the background here could be read as a stain spreading out and beyond the barrier. Really for my idea the stain should be seeping in from the outside, breaching the imperfect barrier of the mundane home objects. Yvette also mentioned blood – my favourite colour. She talked about the low immersion dyeing looking bodily and perhaps being distracting in the centre.

I am now considering whether I should have a solid centre perhaps dyed red, and then have the stain spreading out under the objects to partially reach the outside. Maybe ditch the low immersion dyeing which does give quite a suggestion of form to me too – often it reminds me of galaxies. Or I could use it to represent the world outside the home and just keep the central dyeing solid colour. It’s good to have lots of readings. I will need to dye some and test them out.

Another thought would be to use overdyed patterned fabric for the outside. Something nice like a floral with a small pattern. I’m not sure about the stain spreading out on to this. It’s an interesting idea but perhaps not right for this. I would love to repurpose a nice floral quilting fabric by overdyeing with the pall of fear of coranavirus. Perhaps my old blood colour. And perhaps the central bit could be dyed the pink of vulnerable flesh. If the balance of sizes was better I could still exploit the fleshy look of low immersion dyeing in the centre. Especially if I kept the tonal range very minimal. Like the colours that I created today in class for skin tones – dull pale yellow and dull pale pink. That would work with the strength of the solar fast colour in the objects.

Excited to get going with printing, dyeing and exploring my stash for the right stuff.

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