Group Crit Photography

Had the group crit today and it went quite well. Very interesting seeing people’s work.

Martin liked the delicacy and ambiguity of the pinhole printed direct on to fabric.

I could probably bring it up and redo pinhole to make delicate raw silk photos like this and maybe I will try.

I prefer this print which is done with a transparency on cotton sateen. I even think that the way the solarfast was applied adds a distress to the image.

Martin liked the juxtaposition of these two images. He felt like the above image gave some context to the lower image. I don’t want to just use digital imagery though even though it is a digital submission. So he suggested maybe printing the top one on fabric too. I won’t get the rich black though. It would be good in cyanotype which is high contrast. I’ll try that first. I think I’ll use the overlays as my final work but combine it with positives of the overlay.

Fly on the left is a cyanotype negative and then an avocado solar fast positive followed by bleaching with washing powder (overdone) and then reestablished image with tea bags. I’m not sure why the photos are not as vivid as the original photo. They changed when I moved them on to a canvas to arrange as two. Not sure why. PS said something about photos being a different depth?

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