Clarissa Callesen

This is a sculpture artist who works with found fabrics and thread. I saw her on stitch club and it gave me some ideas about what sort of thing I could do for my moving sculpture. I’m thing about doing soft hanging rods a bit like these that would make a work called Silenced. It would be the sculptural form of wind chimes but soft made of fabric so that they didn’t make any noise. Could reference hanging and choking by having part of the rod tightened as if around the neck. Done in shades of brown.

<; Viewed 15 September 2020


I have gone ahead and made my sculpture inspired by the techniques of Clarissa Callesen. It’s only a rough job called Silenced. It was much easier to combine fabric and thread into sculptural form that I expected. I’m going to leave it hanging in the garden now and let the iron wire rust.

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