Betty Busby

Betty is a quilt artist that I’ve admired for a long time. I just watched a video from Lisa Walton that explained how Betty gets such fine raw edge detail.

Her shapes are cut using a silhouette cutter and non woven fabric.

I’d like to do raw edges applique with non woven but I don’t like to use synthetic. Felt is a non woven so maybe I could make my own fine wool/silk felt that I used to sew into.

Entropy, 60 x 40 inches

<> Viewed 7 September 2020

Her non woven is painted prior to being fused to a background and then stitched. A lot of what reads as small appliqued pieces are actually holes through the fused non woven that reveal the background.

A similar effect might be achievable by preparing a background work and then using a stencil to mask out a pattern/imagery and use solarfast, rather than printing a foreground with solar fast. This is a bit similar to what I have sort of done with the current layered photo.

Sculptural work:

Snowbound 62 x 15 inches

<> Viewed 7 September 2020

Wondering if I can incorporate textile or quilt work into my final tool sculpture. Don’t want to waste a lot of time making something that I will not pursue in sculpture but happy to try and see if sculptural forms add something to my work, or increase the range of imagery I can create.

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