Wen Redmond

I’m spending a lot of time looking for a work to use for my ‘Good Painting’ presentation. The work of Wen Redmond combines textiles with molding paste and inkaid to print manipulated photos or layered photos on to a substrate. She then further embellishes with stitch and painting to create a layered artwork that is most probably seen as mixed media art but can still fit within the bounds of a quilt. I am attracted to the look of the final work and may well present one of her works for the good painting. But her works are not functional quilts and that takes away from this technique a bit for me. The quilts are not washable, not really because of the photo but because of the addition of medium and varnish over the top that removes the reference to comfort that a quilt has.

So although I have bought her book and the aesthetics appeal, I am not ready to completely disconnect from the potential to use my work as a bed covering or to be able to bury my face in it when I feel the need.

So while I can probably steal some of her ideas of division of the segments and ethereal photography, I don’t think I’ll be using the inkaid and molding paste.

Wen Redmond 2018, Continuing the conversation, 30 x 50 inches

<https://fineartamerica.com/featured/continuing-the-conversation-wen-redmond.html > Viewed 4 September 2020

One thought on “Wen Redmond”

  1. Nice to be reminded of Wenn’s work, pretty sure I have this book. Some similarities to another artist I discovered, KathyAnne White a number of years back whom I first discovered ink aide through. That was when I started putting photos on a variety of textile substrates including lutrador, tyvek, cheesecloth as well as aluminium cans, all through an inkjet printer. I loved this approach but definitely not for cuddly type, washable quilts.


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