Japanese Quilt Art


Segawa S 1985, Japanese Quilt Art, Mitsumura Suiko Shoin, Kyoto Japan

The preface to this book written by Setsuko Segawa is a bit clunky because I think it has been translated from Japanese. She talks about quilts being expressive and tactile and holding history in the materials. Using the basics of quilt art to express herself. She doesn’t talk about being an artist as such but she talks like one. She thinks that things can be expressed through quilts that can not be expressed through other art mediums as well.

This photo of a quilt from the book shows repetition and commercial fabric used to create a quilt called nostalgia. Each repetition is subtly different because it is cut from a patterned commercial fabric.

Setsuko Segawa.jpg

A lot of her quilts are named after feelings and presumably are what she was feeling or what she hoped the viewer would feel. She is heavily reliant on colour as well to convey her meaning.

I can’t find any contemporary information about what she is doing now unfortunately.




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