Shadow Catchers


Barnes M 2012, Shadow catchers: Camera-less photography, Revised and expanded edition, Merrell Publishers Limited, London

Interesting book that is not only about photograms but other alternative methods of creating an image using photo paper.

Chemigrams have been developed by Pierre Cordier and are a way of producing imagery with developer and fixer directly applied to the photo paper in full light. Sometimes the surface of the emulsion is damaged to create patterning or masked or altered by other substances

Pierre Cordier.jpg

Image reference:      Viewed 30 August 2020


Fabian Miller uses light, cutouts,objects,water and dye destruction paper to make colourful constructed imagery over time.

A Lost Colour World

A Lost Colour World
Light, Water, Lambda C- print from dye destruction print

116.8 × 269.2 cm / 46 × 106.0 in


garry fabian miller

Image reference:     Viewed 30 August 2020

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