Thomas Knauer

Has written a book called Why we Quilt, that has works from a number of quilt artists and discusses the meaning around these. Thomas Knauer produces quilts with two themes – activism around gun violence in America- and living with his chronic illness.

I’m really struggling with my painting and I realise when I look at his work that I am drawn to the pieced quilt. Something about chopping up the fabric or print and reproducing it in a somehow better form.

I’m trying to find  people working with quilts in more of an art context and he may be one of these. Think I’ll get the book because it is recent and has a number of contemporary names in it that may also be people I can look at. In the meantime I’ll go chop up my self portrait prints and rejoin them in some way…..

Thomas Knauer.jpg       Viewed 25 August 2020

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