Pinhole photos

Week six lecture was about war photography and a discussion about truth in photography. We looked at Frank Hurley’s composite photo and one of his non composite ones and discussed. A lot of people seemed quite determined that truth was necessary making the composite photo a worse one. I think that of the two photos the non composite photo was a gentler more emotive photo, but I’m not sure that this was because of its supposed ‘truthfulness’. I think it was just the composition and content of the photo ,and the fact that there was a slightly unreal sense to the other photo – not because it was untrue, because it was not – all the photos were real and somewhere that would have happened- but because of the manual composition. Nowadays a photo could be created in photoshop with completely correct size and perspective and it would lose that unreal sense. But also the content made it a less interesting photo to me, but again not because it was not truth.

Interestingly there was talk of the uncanny which I hadn’t really heard of before. Somewhere between real and surreal. Mentioned in painting too.

Pinhole photos taken around the house looking from inside to outside.


kitchen northmusic room southtable eastTv roomtablecouchkitchen sinkFront doorMusic room west

Lots of issues with exposure. A lot were very over exposed and likely to only need about five to twenty mins looking out the window but a lot of variation. I have edited these in photoshop and I was surprised at how much detail I could get out of these but it would be much better to be able to get correct exposure.

I have also tried printing through the photo itself. Cyanotype didn’t work at all after a few hours so I did a few hours of solartype over the top. Hence the strong border.

music room west print.jpg

Detail is lost but I can still make out and I might be able to expose even longer to get better. This was about seven hours close up under four lights.  Also print on smoother fabric might get a sharper print although I quite like the soft fabric. I’m interested in the cyanotype border. Adds a crispness to the image as a whole.



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