Self portrait 2


This is a second attempt. I tried to get an actual photogram on the fabric but it was unsuccessful and all that remains is that slightly paler area at the top of my head. Then I used a mask of a photo and ended up with this which looks odd floating there and looks like a cameo.

My idea was to stitch a wire contour core under the skin.

Feedback was that this whole thing looked flat and just like representation of my face. Warm element with fabric. I agree it’s uninteresting with flat picture plane.

I have finished the stitching and turned it on its side, which makes for a more visually interesting image but not saying what I intended, and perhaps not saying much at all.


Things I have learnt out of this are technical things. I bagged this up so it met the requirement for a quilt and I did this but sewing the batting which was canvas in the centre to give stiffness. It is sewn through the back to hold it in place so I didn’t need to sew it into the edge seams and that gives a flatter neater result.  which sharper corner points.

Other things that were discussed was how the wall as a whole was coming together.


Yvette mentioned Sally Smart as someone to look at.

Sally Smart     Viewed 15 Aug 2020

Sally Smart

Sally Smart does large scale installations as sometimes with performance, that are collaged on to the wall.

Sally Smart – Family Tree House (Shadows and Symptoms) 

I imagine thinking about the meanings of the world; inevitably the discourse begins with the body, a forensic activity, an external and internal examination of the body environment: clothes, house, furniture, landscape. This becomes an anatomy lesson; where dissected parts are examined and reconstructions are made for explanations. Inevitably the conclusion is like a puzzle-picture: a maze of fugitive parts; landscape parts become human parts: but whether the lines, shapes and colours appear abstract or representational there is an assemblage of parts. However, the composition is unstable, a chimera: the picture is impaired. 

Sally Smart 


SmartS, No update date given, Writing, Viewed 15 August 2020


This is an interesting quote from Sally Smart’s website which resonates a bit with my inclination to investigate everyday objects and details of life, and also my quilting tendency to assemblage. However it is not the aesthetic look I would go for. Colour is important to my work and these hard edged collages with white background seem a bit prosaic for me. I want my work to be a bit more ethereal with emotive colour. I’m struggling to achieve this in a quilt like assemblage but I may be more successful with layering thinner fabrics. I’ve just got some silk cotton and silk voile so maybe that will be the answer!! I have a new idea that I’m going to experiment with and that will be in the next painting post.

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