Cecile Dachary

I’m interested in crochet sculpture and found this artist in a book called Unravelled, Contemporary knit art by Charlotte Vannier.

Her work is crochet with twine and often references the body, memories and emotions.   Looking through this book it seems that knit and crochet artists often have either a feminist agenda, which doesn’t interest me much, or their work is presented in a comic way.

I am most interested in artists who are using crochet more because it is an amazingly flexible, accessible and aesthetic medium. And artists that are not necessarily referencing its female associations.  It can be freeform with plenty of room to adjust along the way and to extend or unpick the work to create anything that can be imagined or evolved.

Cecile Dachary.jpg

Vannier C, 2018, Unravelled : Contemporary Knit Art, Thames and Hudson Ltd, London, p 99.



One thought on “Cecile Dachary”

  1. This is very interesting work. I appreciate your point about using crochet simply because of its qualities and aesthetic. Viewers like to read deeper meanings into artists’ choice of materials but it doesn’t need to be that way. I am interested to hear how this research develops.


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