Honours ideas

Just want to document what was discussed when I met with Toby Juliffe in regard to getting started with my Honours proposal.

Want to know their own practice better. What is my practice doing?

Insight into journey of practice – experiment, write, produce.

Aligned to ambition.

Proposal is in four sections and about 1000 words total.

Use references

Can decide on research or professional at the end of the first semester.

Outcome for research findings can be exegesis, publication, website, podcasts, exhibition.

Four sections – Summary – what is your question, needs to be pretty narrow, external -politics, social justice, medium related – capacity, integrity

Context – ” companions” in this area

Significance – why do this – now, here? social, aesthetic, medium etc

Outcome – guess this just means final body of work and mode of presenting research.

Needs to contribute a voice to an area.

What is motivating me and why am I doing it.

When I mentioned quilting Toby just through our a type of question – “capacity for quilting as a critical medium for art“. Sounds something like what I might like to do.

Before I was thinking that I would be putting forward something around the depiction of everyday objects but now I am thinking that it will be more about the medium of quilt making and its place in the art world. Or maybe its ability to have a place in the art world. Or maybe what elements are required for it to be taken seriously as art. Got to be careful because these are possibly questions that are too big.

But I am definitely thinking that I don’t want to limit myself to one way of printing on fabric or one theme, but rather limit myself to the production of quilts of various, possibly emotive themes. It really would be a return to my original reason for going to tafe – to learn to print on fabric to use in quilts. Of course since then it has become so much more.

Toby straight off mentioned Tal Fitzpatrick – who is an artist that works with quilts -often collaborative quilts. She calls herself a craftivist and uses quilts as a form of social activism. Not my interest really but someone to look at.

My other thought has been around art and health. Maybe I could research around mental health and quiltmaking in some way. I need to finish the unit on Arts and Health and then I’m also learning about dementia now as part of the Island Project so there is that that could also be incorporated. But that’s a bit off track possibly. Need to find artists working with quilts so I can find some “companions” and see what sort of questions or things they are working through.

Tal Fitzpatrick and Kate Just – covid19quilt on instagram

The digital submitted squares automatically assemble themselves on the instagram feed in a quilt format. So far looks like their are more than 400 submissions. I will need to make a square and submit too.


https://www.instagram.com/covid19quilt/    Viewed 9 August 2020

@stephskardal              https://www.instagram.com/craftyescapism/       https://www.instagram.com/jemolsen/      https://www.instagram.com/jacksonwicks/          https://www.instagram.com/annabelelgarphotography/        https://www.instagram.com/rowan.bridgwood/

Reading from left to right these are the artists that have contributed to this tiny segment of the covid19quilt that I have depicted here. I love the juxtaposition of the aggressive sentiment and the delicate embroidery in Fuck this shit.

This is a large scale collaborative project which to some extent resonates with my interest in the benefits to  health, especially mental health, around making.

2020_Honours_Application_Guidelines_TJ Coord

Project Proposal Guidelines from the application guidelines

Reasons for writing a project proposal

Your project proposal:

  • Gives you an opportunity to think through your project carefully, and clarify and define what you will do during your program of study
  • Provides you with an outline to guide you through your project
  • Lets the School know what you are planning to do
  • Helps the School choose an appropriate supervisor and work space


Developing your proposal

The process includes:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Narrowing and focussing your topic
  • Outlining the key literature and examples of art or design work in the topic area
  • Deciding on what visual strategies you will use to explore your topic


Your project proposal does not permanently set what you will do. It is a starting point and throughout your course you will probably adjust and change your project.


A suggested format for your project proposal

Please provide your name:

Please indicate your preferred Honours stream – Research (Studio), Research (Theory), Professional (Studio) or Professional (Internship):

Please indicate your preferred studio/media/work placement:


Description: (approximately 250 words):

Provide a brief description of your project, outlining your intentions and proposed outcomes.



Resolution: (approximately 250 words):

Outline the strategies you will employ in the development of your project. In the case of studio-based projects, this should include the practical and/or technical steps required. In the case of internships, this should include a synopsis of skills and vocational outcomes.


Significance: (approximately 250 words):

Explain why this project is of interest to you in personal, social, vocational or artistic terms. Where relevant refer to previous projects that you have engaged in.


Context: (approximately 250 words):

Provide a summary of contextual references for your project. This may include other work in the field that is relevant to your project in terms of idea, theme, style, method or technique.


Photograms – 

Should my honours be about this or about quilts. Loving my photograms on fabric currently. That’s all.



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