Starting self portrait

Self portrait.jpg

This is just a sketch from a photo. I have used gelato crayons and brushed over them with water. I’m starting to think about what I might do for this project. Last time I did a self portrait was in this unit in first year painting.

FIrst year self portrait

This painting was about me and how I felt about the situation with my son and how I felt a need to confess my failures around him. I’m thinking this was done in 2015 but I’m not sure.

Since then things have moved on to a situation where I no longer feel the need to confess, and in fact have been surprised myself with the resilience and perseverance I have been able to sustain in the fight to get him help.

I’m going to attempt to show that in this portrait. My idea was to fracture my image and then reassemble, not quite right but held in one place with embroidery in a chicken wire pattern. Just a slight bit of leakage beyond the chicken wire.

My starting portrait could be a photograph, or it could be a painting like above where I translate it into a digital image that can be digitally fractured and then placed back in place by printing on fabric and sewing together.

Thinking maybe I will piece together lightly and then show the straining at the edges of pieces with stitch. I don’t want raw edges because I still want it ultimately to be able to be washed as a quilt. Maybe I don’t need chicken wire pattern – maybe visible stitch showing the pieces being held together with strong stitches, or maybe mended strongly?

? a bit of a hodge podge of facial imagery from painting and photos patched together.

Think first step is to use the above to do a bit of a small tester.
self portrait bw.jpg

Start by changing to black and white and printing an inverted emulsion down transparency.


Turned out too dark which is mostly a function of overexposure but I feel like I can see enough that I don’t really want to go with it. It is rough looking on the surface which is not what I was hoping to show. Trying to show a disintegrating soft outer with a resilient core.

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