Rachel Whiteread

English artist who works with casting, often displaying the first cast itself. Effectively the negative space inside.

Famously giant cast of a inside of a house.


Rachel Whiteread.JPG

https://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/2018/rachel-whiteread.html   Viewed 28 July 2020

This artist uses lots of objects from the everyday and represent yet another way of looking at objects and the spaces in objects and to this end suits a lot of the work I do.

I’d like to make another cast or mould out of clay or polyclay of an everyday object that nonetheless has an evocative component.

rachel whiteread2

https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/whiteread-untitled-stairs-t07939     Viewed 28 July 2020

Stairs are actually turned on their side but you can see how this sort of work gives an alternate view of the commonplace.

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