re-member at Contemporary Art Tasmania    Viewed 26 July 2020       I would have used CAT website to access this but it was down.

re-member is about imagining across the cracks, filling in the gaps and stringing these fragments together.

Artists know how to make, and with that tactile knowledge comes the understanding that things can also be un-made. Artists are able to collect and reckon with residue from the past through assembling, visualising, performing and vocalising. In doing so they are un-making history, they are refocusing attention on alternative stories and reinvigorating what has been lost.
– Caitlin Fargher, re-member catalogue essay


Went to this exhibition on Friday night. Quite a lot of people there and not very relaxing in this COVID time.

re-member at CAT 24 July 2020.jpg

This work appeared to be like a lump of old clay dirt with some rusted metal and old wallpaper embedded in it and moss growing out of it.

Loved the potential of this – assembling, melding and growing your own artwork.

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