Painting 2B week two

Lecture was on self portrait work. Next project relates to self.  

Artist at work – paintings showing the artist working on a painting, Eg. Lucien Freud – Painter Working.

Artist as other – Artist playing another role. Self fashioning Eg. Cindy Sherman – History portraits

The self as subject matter – Eg. Phillip Akkerman self portraits from 1981 onwards.

William Utermohlen

Williamutermohlen.JPG      Viewed 23 July 2020

This portrait was painted after he had been diagnosed with dementia that had been slowly coming on in the years prior to this.

So expressive with enough detail but bold lines, jarring colour and a sense of obliteration with the grey overlay to the face.

Did a couple of extra layers on my sketch painting and will probably stop there or might try and use bleach to put a bit of a rim of light along the top of the body. More to see if bleach will work rather than anything else. The fabric is tussah silk though so I better be cautious. Wondering how I can present my paintings though. I’d like to maybe add a bit of stitch. Or maybe that’s not necessary for this unit. This work is a bit representational. Don’t like that as much. Want to try making an evocative work but not as representational. Going to try using layers of stencils and painting.

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