Michelle Piergoelam

This artist has produced art photography books with text and photos. The one that I looked at online tells a personal story of her near drowning in poetry and photos.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 11.07.25 am.png

I heard water holds a secret

https://www.michellepiergoelam.com/projects/i-heard-water-holds-a-secret        Viewed 19 July 2020

I found this artist in a grouping of 2020 Lenscratch student prize entrants

I was interested to see that a lot of photos are clearly contrived. They are not snaps but are partially constructed scenes that are then photographed. I am interested in this for my work as I would like my imagery to be emotive or have a background narrative. I also like using words associated with my imagery. Previously I have added text to my actual imagery but I’m now thinking of having text separate but guiding the imagery. So start with text like a haiku or a story and then construct imagery around that. I’m even wondering about making objects in other media to suit my ultimate image.

My work was already about the everyday and this covid situation really only contributes to that, leaving so many of us trapped in our houses surrounded by the things we have brought into our homes over a lifetime. Forced to look again at all our old stuff and evaluate our lives to date.

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