Painting 2B Starting to work on first task

First task involves linking a photo of a person and a line of text together to create a new work.

Project one painting photos.jpg

It was so warm and sunny


My first idea was to devise a warm and sunny landscape with the text from a close up of this man’s not so warm and sunny looking lips. This is what I did the other day resulting in this work.


I cropped out just a part of his mouth and then turned it upside down and then printed the text across the bottom. The text was all crushed up because the enlargement of the picture was so huge and that is the explanation for the degradation into pixels too.

So in my work above I have used the formal qualities of the photo only to try and create a literal landscape work based on the text.

… Not sure that this is the full intention. Sounds like other possibilities include looking at the text and the image and creating a narrative that could be outside of the image. Then using that to create a work.


Suggestion was to look at each individually first:


Young man looking directly to camera down his nose. Lips have a sense of being firmly shut, almost pursed. Wearing a leather jacket with the collar turned up and arms folded. Clean shaven and trendy haircut so doesn’t really look like a bikie despite the jacket. Left ear has two piercings.  Photo is taken from waist height which gives the feeling of him looking down.

I don’t enjoy looking at this photo. Looks like he is possibly trying to be intimidating and closed. Not the sort of person I would like.


My first thought is of a nice warm day and I imagine an orange landscape. I associate warmth with security and sun with happiness.

But the phrase could also be taken in a more negative way –  If you were dying of thirst in the desert you could be thinking  – It was SO warm and sunny

Need to do a bit more work on this.


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