Photography 2B week one

Mostly about diptychs and triptychs today.

Joachim Froese:

Amazing photos in triptych forms. Photos of the everyday, looking closely at details around you. Resonates with my work which also focuses on the beauty and interest in the small details of everyday objects. He has called this Rhopography. – old fashioned term for still life with rhopos meaning trivial in Greek

Discussion in class about the technical aspects. How these are three photos but blended to match, whilst at the same time retaining points of difference that show that it is not a single photo.   Viewed 14 July 2020

Joachim Froese.JPG

Also did a brainstorming exercise linking words in pairs or threes to demonstrate how imagery could be linked in a diptych or triptych. Two words tended to be opposites but three words could be on a continuum or demonstrate passage of time.

Word combinations like this can be used to trigger ideas for images in in a diptych or triptych.

Reminded me of a previous idea I had to base imagery around a haiku poem when I tried to use text in my work.

Haiku is three lines –  before – action –  after. So would suit a triptych.

Uneasy peace

Cruelly sliced by madness

Black ice paves the way

Going to try and do today’s 100 day project print as a triptych of photograms based on the above.

Well can’t say I’m happy with this. Too blocky and not evocative. Getting good strong colour though when I expose for an hour with no transparency over the top.

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