Maggie Dillon

For 20 year I’ve thought about using fabric as paint in an impressionist style. This is what Maggie Dillon does.

When I zoom in I can see that she is holding irregular shaped pieces down with zig zag and that the thread is part of the design from a distance. It’s impressive but I guess it’s not what I’m doing now. Although I’m a bit confused about what I am doing.

Viewed 1 Feb 2020

Andra Stanton

Looking at the jurors for saqa exhibitions is a good way to find successful art quilters.

Art Quilts

Viewed 30 Jan 2020

The above work is like a drawing. Certainly achievable for me. I also think I need to be less anal about raw edges as seen below.

She also makes 3D sculptural work which I’m a bit interested in given that I’m going to do sculpture too this year. Viewed 30 Jan 2020

I always like something to have a practical use too so I’m thinking of vessels. But I love the boxes above. A simple way of presenting what is essentially 2D work.