Norma Minkowitz Viewed Aug 22 2019

Just a place holder so I can fill this in later about this fibre artist who uses crochet as a base.

She really does mostly sculpture which incorporates crochet as a sort of framework. “Delicate but strong” I’ve been thinking this as I crochet a base for a new work. I think of it as soft armour like chain mail, and this is informing the course of this latest work.

I’ve been wanting to use knitting or crochet or weaving to make my own fabric for a textile work for a long time but seeing Norma’s work has finally got me going. I’m going to use free form crochet to add extra random patterning and create a tunic that is then embroidered and dyed to be presented as a flat tall work sort of like a banner. It can then be also put over the head and worn as a tunic viewed 22 Aug 2019

viewed 22Aug 2019

The top one was my inspiration but now I see she also does ornate embroidered wearable art. I’m think of something more rustic

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